Cabo San Ruckus


Recently, we had the opportunity to take a trip to Mexico’s jewel city Cabo San Lucas for our Coast to Coast campaign, and gotta say—we were definitely not disappointed.

For starters, we stayed at the unparalleled Viceroy hotel. Not to brag, but this place is incredible. From the pools to the amenities and clean, modern architecture, this hotel will give you absolutely everything to write home about.

While in Cabo, we charted a boat and spent a day exploring the warm blue waters off Cabo, speeding around coves, including the iconic Arches and Lover’s Cove. In addition to great sport fishing and a sunrise that didn’t disappoint, there were a few members of our team that treated the boat like a jungle gym, jumping and backflipping off the deck for most of the day.

But exploring Cabo also meant checking out Todos Santos, where we found amazing bars, great coffee shops, and donkey foals at Acre (a foal is a baby donkey for the laypeople). If you want to know the way to a woman’s heart, we found out that it’s apparently through small farm animals. Who knew?

Sure, a few wild times were had, but we kept our misadventures to a minimum in Cabo, choosing to relax a bit more than usual—unless you count hanging upside down while making salsa at the Giggling Marlin. Yeah, we thought that was impossible too, but in Cabo, anything might be possible…including having an evening that rivals spring break at the Mango Deck. But just to be safe, we’ll keep those stories to ourselves. Some things probably shouldn’t be shared on a company website.

We will leave you with this one piece of advice, though… don’t eat the worm in the bottom of the tequila bottle. ¡Viva México!