Cuater Launches Second Round of New Products – Golf Media Takes Note


We are really excited to launch the next round of Cuater’s new footwear products as well as a host of redesigned accessories. To pique your curiosity, we thought we’d give you a little taste of a few of our new stand-out products.

Let’s talk golf shoes.

With THE WILDCARD, we wanted to create a golf shoe that didn’t look like a golf shoe. We saw someone wearing them in the office last month during a meeting, so we think we succeeded.  But, please don’t be a Golf Nerd and wear these off the golf course!

Then there’s THE RINGER. Our goal was to create an athletically-styled performance golf shoe that felt great and wasn’t complicated. Much like dating should be, but never actually is.

Recently named Golf Digest’s “Best New Golf Stuff”, we’re stoked with both shoes and the golf world seems to be as well.

We’ve also added golf towels and golf gloves to the mix. The combination of cool and classic golf glove designs in flexible cabretta leather will help you keep flipping those birdies—whoops, we mean making those birdies, of course. And with waffle microfiber towels, your balls and shafts can stay clean at all times.

It doesn’t stop here though. We’ve got new casual footwear like THE DAILY in a lightweight knit style and the all new PHENOM. Plus, we’ve added belts, socks, and underwear, too.

Want even better news? All of this and more is waiting for you online at Cuater and in TravisMathew retail stores. Time to find out for yourself why Golf Digest labeled us “The Best New Golf Stuff”, don’t you think?