Introducing An All New Cuater with All Day Comfort and Premium Performance


Guys, big news.

We’re stoked to announce the relaunch Cuater by TravisMathew as our new Premium Performance brand focused on creating versatile, comfortable footwear and accessories.

After noticing most performance products on the market tend to be overdesigned with exaggerated technology, we set out to combat the trend towards unnecessary complication. After all, they’re shoes, not science projects.

It’s been two years in the making, preparing for the relaunch of Cuater and designing products that would perform on your level. We made it our goal to incorporate useful technology into our premium offerings, like golf and casual footwear, while making sure we weren’t sacrificing your style to do it. It was a difficult balance, but we’re pretty pleased with how it all turned out.

Our two new golf shoes, THE LEGEND and THE MONEYMAKER feature reliable, cutting-edge technology in a traditional and athletic look respectively. Our casual shoe THE DAILY is so comfortable you can wear it all day and is available in both mesh and wool fabrications with multiple colorways.

Rooted in performance, we’re excited to create products with the technology you actually need, in styles you actually want. Check our Cuater products both online and in TravisMathew retail stores.

Look, feel, and play your best every day…without overcomplicating it.