Exploring San Diego with TravisMathew


Exploring San Diego with TravisMathew

Not to brag, but sometimes it can be pretty good to live in sunny Southern California. Here at TravisMathew, we get to call these golden shores home and are always happy when we can work in our very own backyard.

This time we embarked on a three-day shoot, hitting up a few of our favorite haunts around beautiful San Diego. (Scholars maintain that the translation of what “San Diego” means has been lost for centuries…but that’s a different story for another day.)

We started at the famous Scripps Pier, equipped in the Beck, a lightweight men’s short made for summer, and our Perfect Polo, one of our most versatile & best-selling polo shirts… Unfortunately, we weren’t the only ones with the idea, and we had to fight every graduate in the state for space on the beach. Not feeling the crowds, we moseyed over to Torrey Pines Gliderport where we got insane views of the world-renown golf course, the ocean, and North America’s top hang-gliding airport.

On day two, we mixed it up and headed to Little Italy, outfitted in The Daily, a casual shoe for men built for all day comfort, and the Right On Time, our versatile dress pants that could be dressed up or down. With epic sights of Petco Park and downtown San Diego, we camped out for a while at The Nolen’s rooftop bar and lounge. That is until a member of our team pulled the tap off the beer keg and sprayed it everywhere. We’re not saying we got kicked out, we’re just saying we thought it was time to leave. Since half of us were already wet, we went to one of San Diego’s legendary beaches to catch the sunset.

But let’s be honest. San Diego is known for one thing above all else: A+ Mexican food. Our final day exploring San Diego, we knew couldn’t leave without getting some enchiladas, so we hit up Casero Taqueriea where the owners took great care of us. After dinner, we had time for one last adventure, and what an adventure it was. We hopped the fence at Carlsbad Cliffs (thanks to Legacy Denim, our lightweight stretch jeans) and nearly fell down the rock face into high tide, but the moral of the story is we survived and have the epic photos and dance party footage to prove it.