From October 19th – 20th, TravisMathew is proudly partnering with boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya for an online sale and fundraiser that will benefit the Oscar De La Hoya Foundation. Across these two days, 100% of the profits from sales on TravisMathew.com will go toward supporting this amazing foundation.

Born and raised in East Los Angeles, Oscar De La Hoya literally fought his way to the top. From his start in the local amateur boxing scene all the way to an Olympic Gold medal and 10 world titles as a professional, De La Hoya learned to, quite literally, roll with the punches to seize success for himself. Now he’s bringing that success to others across his community.

“Growing up in an environment where education wasn’t really a focus in our lives…I’ve always felt that we’re lacking something—why not do something for the community?” Oscar asked, impassioned for the area where he grew up. “Why not do something for the kids who want a better life?”

In 1995, Boxing’s Golden Boy began his namesake foundation. Dedicated to bringing a better quality of life to underprivileged East Los Angeles youths and their families, The Oscar De La Hoya Foundation opened a charter school and invested in the community’s health with the Cecilia Gonzalez De La Hoya Cancer Center, Oscar De La Hoya Labor and Delivery Center, and the Oscar De La Hoya Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

“When the opportunity presented itself, I took it and I ran with it,” Oscar shared with us. “And we now have one of the most successful schools in the nation.”

Today, with the help of many partners, the Oscar De La Hoya Foundation serves thousands of people annually, supporting various after-school programs that promote positive life choices and shelters the youth from the circumstances of living in underprivileged communities.

TravisMathew CEO Ryan Ellis related his enthusiasm for the project. “It’s a really exciting cause and partnership. When we started this, we built such a great relationship with Oscar that we wanted to help in any way we could. As we learned more, we became so passionate about the project that we set a goal to try and make this the biggest donation in both TravisMathew and the Oscar De La Hoya Foundation history,’” he explained. “Through this sale, we will have the ability to create more opportunity for people that come from a diverse, underprivileged background. Oscar has built an amazing foundation and we feel fortunate that we are able to be a part of its growth and give back.”

During TravisMathew’s 48-hour online flash sale from October 19th – 20th, merchandise will be on sale up to 50% to 60% off, while 100% of profits from the sale will be donated to the Oscar De La Hoya Foundation.

“This relationship [with TravisMathew] turned out to be one of the best relationships that we’ve ever had. What they’re going to do for the foundation, what we’re working on, is going to be special,” Oscar revealed with a hopeful smile. “We have an opportunity to raise a lot of money that can go back to the foundation, to the school, to the hospital.”

Don’t miss your opportunity to support the Oscar De La Hoya Foundation by shopping our Flash Sale October 19th – 20th! Together, we can make a brighter tomorrow.

For more details about this great cause visit the Oscar De La Hoya Foundation.