Welcome to the Club – Free Shipping and Returns Are On The Way


Do you like free? Of course, you do.

Which is why you’re going to love our new loyalty program, TM Rewards—a program we created after listening to you, our customers, and what you’re looking for in a shopping experience. We’re pretty pumped to give you even more for shopping at TravisMathew.!

“We’re incredibly excited about TM Rewards,” said Leif Sunderland, TM’s Vice President of Marketing. “Above everything, we value our customers, and this is just one way that we’re improving their experiences and interactions with our brand.”

As our way of saying thank you for being awesome, we’d like to invite you to join TM Rewards, or welcome you to the club, if you’re already one step ahead of us.

For those of you who haven’t joined yet or are new around here, you may be wondering how it works. TM Rewards is free to join, and the perks start rolling as soon as you sign up. When you make an account, you’ll automatically get free shipping and returns just for joining. Boom, already winning.

But that’s not where the benefits stop. TM Rewards enables customers to earn redeemable points on every purchase. In other words, for every $1 dollar spent at TravisMathew.com or a TravisMathew retail store, you’ll receive five (5) loyalty points. These points act like currency (think free money), allowing you to receive additional savings on our merchandise. Once you earn 500 points, you can cash them in for $5 worth of savings.

Along with discounts on the gear you already had your eye on, we’re offering additional bonus features as a part of TM Rewards. As you continue to make purchases, new tier statuses within the program are unlocked (Plus, Preferred, Executive).

Rewards Available at Every Tier Status:

  • Birthday rewards
  • Early access to sales
  • Free shipping and returns

Elite Rewards Earned as you Unlock Higher Tier Statuses:

  • Free tailoring
  • Exclusive merchandise
  • Free annual gifts
  • Early access to product launches are only earned as you unlock higher levels.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and start earning!

From all of us at TravisMathew, we’d like to officially welcome you to the club.