Oahu Doin’?


A balmy paradise where summer lasts forever? Hawaii is our kind of place.

When we traveled to Hawaii as a part of our Coast to Coast Campaign, we hit up Oahu—the place to be if you’re looking for a party…which, you know, we always are.

One too many mai tai’s later, and we’re here to tell you all about our Hawaiian exploration. Between relaxing on gorgeous beaches (with gorgeous ladies), snorkeling, cage diving with sharks, ziplining through jungle canopies, and catching a few epic waves, our team found no shortage of Hawaiian activities to fill our days. As for evenings?  Well we all got lei’d the first night, so we’ll leave it at that.  Ha.  Sorry for the terrible pun.

Fun fact: Waikiki was once a retreat for Hawaiian royalty who enjoyed surfing its famous beaches on early forms of longboards. Now home to large hotels, including the Modern Honolulu Hotel where we stayed, the resorts carry on the Waikiki tradition, treating their guests like Kings and Queens. We look forward to visiting again soon.