Palm Springing into 2021


Palm Springing into 2021

We’ll be the first to admit that 2020 has been…weird. So, when the opportunity presented itself to explore the area around Joshua Tree and Palm Springs, we jumped at it. Nothing clears the mind like mixing up your surroundings, right?

First stop was the Dive Hotel in Palm Springs. Despite the name, the Dive Hotel wasn’t at all a dive. If we’re being honest, it was basically an oasis in the middle of the desert. Palm Springs used to be a place you go to retire, now the desert town has reinvented itself with a retro vibe and a host of A+ restaurants, hotels, and bars. Our personal favorite place to grab a bite and a (much needed) drink was The Sands Hotel. You can’t miss it since the boutique hotel is actually pink. Pro tip: their homemade naan is well worth the drive and their drinks come with overly flamboyant flamingo straws. Just go with it…

On our way to Joshua Tree, our plan for the day went up in flames. Literally. All we wanted was a couple milkshakes, but our classic car had other ideas when it caught fire in the restaurant parking lot. The fire department was called, and tragically our milkshakes melted in the desert sun. No use crying over spilled milk…shakes. Afterall, what’s an adventure without a minor (read: major) mishap?

Once in Joshua Tree, we checked into Casa Santal. With an amazing view overlooking the national park, we took in a killer sunset offset by the desert mountains. We aren’t ones to wax poetic, but with a long pool and expertly decorated rooms, it’s a pretty great little getaway.

Just make sure you skip the milkshake when you go.