TM Rewards Kicks Off to Great Reviews


TM Rewards Kicks Off to Great Reviews

A few months ago, we rolled out our new loyalty program TM Rewards. Free to join and with immediate perks like free shipping and returns, TM Rewards allows you to earn points on every purchase, eventually unlocking discounts and even cooler benefits and gifts. Since launch, we’ve been overwhelmed and humbled with positive feedback from customers, blogs, and golf websites and we wanted to share them with you—you know, in case you still need convincing TM Rewards is worth your time.

In their review, took the time to really dig into the TM Rewards offerings and stated, “Even if you’re only in it for the free shipping, it’s well worth your while. The added benefits are just icing on the cake.”

Honestly, we’ll never complain about being compared to cake.

Golf Threads was a big fan of our free perks, detailing the sign-up process by saying, “TM Rewards has free standard shipping and free returns. You read that correctly. FREE! This was a no-brainer. On a Sunday afternoon, I set up a free account (seeing a trend here?), added some gear to my bag, hit submit, and by Thursday, voila! Not only was the shipping free, but it was also fast and the entire process was risk-free!”

We couldn’t help but notice The Hacker’s Paradise message boards were buzzing with news and feedback regrading TM Rewards as well. With praise for not just the rewards program, but for the fit of TravisMathew clothes as well, the general consensus was given to us by JB (@THPGolf) when he wrote, “Thankfully Rewards are a thing, because I am going to do damage on [their] website.”

In the article on their website, PGA Pappas explained step-by-step how to earn TM Rewards perks and left their readers with these closing remarks, “Being a fan of Travis Mathew and Cuater has never been better, or more rewarding.”

But perhaps everything was best summarized by Matt Meeker at Plugged-In Golf. Matt shared how easy his sign-up process was, explaining all the perks before coming to the conclusion: “Whether you are a new fan of the brand or a longtime loyalist, the TM Rewards Program was created just for you.”

We couldn’t be happier to welcome you all to the club.

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