Maybe you’ve been a long time TM Rewards member; maybe you’re new to TravisMathew and are just learning about TM Rewards for the first time. Regardless, we’re excited to announce the relaunch of our rewards program and introduce you to some of our new offerings!

First, what is TM Rewards?
TM Rewards is our way of rewarding customers for their loyalty. When you sign up for the free program, you’ll earn points for shopping at and in-store. Plus, when you join, you’ll get a ton of other perks, too.

Upgraded Account Dashboard – With an all-new look, it’s now easier than ever to see your current tier and how far you are away from achieving the next.

New Ways to Earn Points – You can now earn FREE TM Rewards points just by leaving a product review.

Earn Unique Badges For Activity – You’ll now unlock badges for your actions within TM Rewards, like certain purchases or filling out sections of your dashboard. Check it out now!

Plus, you’ll continue to enjoy free shipping and returns on all purchases, annual gifts, and first access to sales and promotions.

If you haven’t signed up yet, or maybe just haven’t checked your TM Rewards account dashboard in a while, now is the perfect time!


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