Reggie Bush—an icon on and off the football field. Needless to say, we couldn’t be more excited to announce that running-back-turned-trendsetter has joined our team of TravisMathew Ambassadors this year.

A former professional football player and Super Bowl Champion, Reggie has not only left his mark on the field but has also become a style symbol, known for his unique pairings, attention to detail, and impeccable fashion sense.

Reggie’s career was packed with unforgettable highlights, solidifying his status as a legendary athlete. On the football field, his electrifying speed and agility made him a force to be reckoned with. From his standout college days at USC to the dynamic highlights of his professional career, Reggie left fans in awe of his speed, super-human catches, and game-changing performances. His ability to effortlessly evade defenders and turn routine plays into extraordinary moments made him a fan favorite worldwide.

Off the field, Reggie’s sense of style and fashion-forward choices are nothing short of inspiring for us as a brand. Reggie understands that what you wear is more than clothing—it’s a reflection of your own individuality. From red carpet events and magazine spreads to casual daily wear, his presence is always marked by his own unique blend of style—boldly mixing looks to fit his lifestyle, complete with daring color combinations and a keen eye for setting trends. Needless to say, Reggie’s highlights extend well beyond the boundaries of sports. It wouldn’t be misleading to say that despite his retirement from football, the world is still captivated by the effortlessly cool trendsetter. (We know we are.)

As a TravisMathew Ambassador, Reggie will be showing us all a thing or two about styling and how to pair our products for totally unique looks, tailored to whatever the day holds. One of our favorite things about Reggie’s style is that he isn’t afraid to experiment. Personally, we can’t wait to show you what he brings to TravisMathew in the future. Make sure to check out Reggie Bush’s favorite TravisMathew picks here.