We’re incredibly excited to welcome Pro Wakeboarder Steel Lafferty to the TravisMathew and Cuater family! Steel completely revolutionized the sport of wakeboarding by being the first athlete to land the Wake-to-Wake 1080, the Toeside Backside 900, and Heelside Backside 1080 (and a handful of other tricks that he personally created and engineered). Needless to say, we’re excited to have Lafferty wearing TravisMathew apparel and Cuater accessories in his personal life.

Signing Lafferty is an exciting opportunity for both the TravisMathew and Cuater brands. To date, he is the first wakeboarder to join the TravisMathew and Cuater team and we are pumped to get into extreme sports with you all—with a little help from Steel, of course. Don’t worry, as funny as that would be, we’ll leave the tricks to the professionals.

“Although wakeboarding is my main sport, I also really love golf,” Steel told us. “My grandpa and dad taught me when I was young. I’ve never quit playing, so I was always aware of the TravisMathew brand and loved them early on—especially because they definitely don’t just make golf clothes. I can wear their stuff out on the lake and in my day to day, too”

As Lafferty mentioned, he was originally drawn to our brand because of the variety for all occasions and activities—like golf and chilling at the lake.

When we met with Steel last month, we were pleased (and maybe not all that surprised given his occupation) to discover he’s a big fan of our lightweight t-shirts, boardshorts, and The Daily casual shoe. For a guy who lives his life on the lake, we can get behind that.

Born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Steel Lafferty is now one of the top-ranked and leading wakeboarders in the world. He started into the sport when he was nine and just 9 years later, he went pro. The now 29-year-old considers Lake Conway to be his hometown lake but has competed all over the world as an X Games Gold Medalist, claiming the titles of Wakeboarder of the Year, Trick of the Year, and winner of the “Trick of the Year” with the Double Mute Mobe.

Stay tuned to see more of Steel soon!